When it comes to Yulin, many friends will think of dog meat, because the people here are all dog lovers, either real dog lovers or real dog lovers, which has become a hot topic on the Internet. However, what Yu Fan is saying here is that dogs are really psychic animals, and eating dog meat is really cruel. A few days ago, a friend heard that I was coming to Yulin and told me not to eat dog meat, he said. Really can not bear, to ask him why? He also told me a story. He said that he went to a restaurant for dinner a few days ago, and that restaurant sold dog meat. When they went there, they saw a dog to be slaughtered in a cage because he saw it. The dog glanced at him, and the dog kept looking at him, and his eyes were full of tears. Later, when he returned home after dinner, he felt uncomfortable when he thought of the dog, and then he made a special trip to the restaurant. , bought the dog. But the restaurant owner said, if you can buy one today, you will continue to have dogs delivered tomorrow, and if there is demand, there will be supply. This is a market rule. After listening, he was speechless, only thinking in his heart that he would not be able to go to that restaurant for dinner in the future.

Because of my friend's advice, I came to Yulin this time to participate in the "Colorful Yulin" event organized by Southern Satellite TV, and immediately told the staff to try not to arrange dog meat. Therefore, the first meal arranged for us the most distinctive local fried beef ingredients, and this is a time-honored brand with a history of at least several decades. The decoration is simple, but it is often full of seats. You need to wait in line. When local people come to Yulin, they usually bring them here to taste the fried beef.